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Friday, 5 June 2015

Nurse Tammy: no pain at 30 minutes and cooling effect!

               18 minutes after Tammy C. spilled boiling water on her hand, her husband called the FireBurnDoctor. Her pain was a 7 or 8 (on a scale of 0 – 10). This smart man had kept the FBD phone number available after hearing about it on the radio. Five minutes later, Tammy’s pain started to drop and about 20 minutes later, her pain was zero!  

               Immediately after that, Tammy emailed FBD: "Dear FireBurnDoctor Team. My husband called you this morning to request your assistance after I scalded my left thumb and wrist with boiling water while filling a hot water bottle. I am trained as a Nurse Practitioner, although I mostly do alternative medicine... for people who have suffered trauma of any kind, & life threatening illnesses.., I knew that this was a very serious second-degree burn.

               Just prior to calling you, the pain was about a 7-8, and there was a large 4" area of redness and swelling, with a visible blister forming. Almost immediately after calling you, I felt a sensation of cool water pouring down through my crown, and into my body, where it focused in my left arm and thumb/wrist. Ahhhhh...... So cool and comforting. For a minute or two, the sensation of the burn intensified, but I am very familiar with this...there is often a transient increase in pain, as if the wound needs to be acknowledged, and then it begins to calm down. This was the case with me, and after a minute or two of increased pain, the cooling sensation began, along with a tingling, and I watched as the bright red of the scald began to diminish, along with the swelling.
               It has now been about 30 minutes since we called you, and I have no pain!  Wow!  Thank You So Much!  I humbly bow down to each of you on this beautiful team, and extend my deepest gratitude for the wonderful work you do for the world. I will most certainly work on getting your information out there in any way that I can, and I would love to be a part of this great work. If you ever have need for more healers on your team, I would be deeply honored to be a part of this powerful work. Kindly let me know if that possibility arises.
               With Love & Gratitude, [Tammy] R.N.C., L.C.S.W."
Tammy C., Arizona

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