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Saturday, 7 May 2016

3 summer outings saved by FireBurnDoctor +1-818-332-6445 !

  • Now that many people are going on days out and picnics remember remember to always have the FireBurnDoctor number on you wherever you go in the world +1-818-332-6445 Save it on your cell phone under "burns" , write it on your back pack, in your notebook, wherever it is always accessible. Print a page of these stickers - and you'll have 45 little paper slips to give to friends and keep in your purses, wallets and pockets.
At 7:20 pm, Pacific Time, 5 year old Larry burned his fingers while cooking hot dogs at a campfire. His Dad called FireBurnDoctor +1-818-332-6445 immediately. When the Fireburndoctor team called back, Larry's Dad said his pain level had initially been a 2 and then 12 minutes later it was a 0 and no marks remained. When his Dad asked him how his hand was, Larry had to be pulled away from playing with his buddies to answer, "It feels good."

Larry H., California, 5/7/10

About 7 p.m. (Pacific time), Sarah grabbed something off the barbecue without realizing it was very, very hot. Three fingers got burned. She immediately applied ice and called the Fireburndoctor. When the Fireburndoctor team called her back 5 minutes later, she said her pain level had been a 10 (on a scale of 0 to 10) before calling for help and then dropped to a 6 when she took the ice off to check. Three minutes after that, while talking with the Fireburndoctor team, the pain level dropped to zero with no ice.
Sarah has called Fireburndoctor before when she burned herself, so she knows to keep the Fireburndoctor phone number in her cell phone. She says she tells everyone she meets to do the same, especially health care and therapist professionals.  1-818-332-6445
Sarah  Q., Arizona, 6/4/10

Eight-year-old Richard was a lucky kid on his birthday. One of his party guests had the Fireburndoctor number programmed into her phone, so when he was burned by a sparkler falling on his hand, putting him "in hysterics" and leaving red skin, someone called Fireburndoctor within 3 minutes. By the time the Fireburndoctor team called back 7 minutes later for feedback, Richard was already back in the pool with no pain or marks. The report: There was "no sign at all that the hand had been burned."
  • Richard P., California,  6/5/10

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