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Saturday, 2 July 2016

Instant end to a nightmare of parents everywhere. Free Unique Processing: SAVE +1-818-332-6445

Text or call immediately when anyone is burned!

When her little son, Nick, grabbed a mug of hot tea from the counter, spilling it's contents on his hand, his mom texted his details to the FireBurnDoctor within 6 minutes of the injury. When the FBD team called her back, Nick's mom guessed his pain level was a 5 (on a scale of 0 to 10), and that his hand was red and swollen. About an hour later, Nick's mom texted again to say, "Sound asleep with only a small complaint, so 1 or 0 by now. Thank you!... It looks fine, centralized, no swelling."
Nick V., Michigan

From Page 35: Baby burned with hot tea...

The next evening Danny's father emailed their report: "Danny is feeling great and up to his usual play and discovery. On 9/11/14, our 11-month-old son poured hot tea on his face, shoulder and arm. After a good while under a cold shower, we were at the ER in 20 minutes. After the morphine shot, Danny finally fell asleep. We were sent home with gel and pain med prescriptions. The next morning, Danny woke up to play like any other day and seemed unaffected by his injuries. But our 'care routine' caused him definite discomfort. We called our friend who gave us the burn doctor contact. 45 minutes after we spoke to the FBD team, we noticed Danny's skin tone changed from bright red to pink. We also noticed and listened to Danny's coo's around our care for him. My wife and I worked on letting go of our reaction/shock of the event and helped Danny to reset any trauma that may have resulted from our initial reaction to the event. We stayed in close contact with the FBD team and the people assisting, and monitored Danny's discomfort as it dissipated completely by the evening. Danny is now seemingly unaware of his injuries. He rolls, rubs and plays on them without any signs of pain or discomfort. He is still processing emotions from the event, but very quickly.We are grateful to the burn doctors and will recommend this service to all friends and family! Thank you!"
Danny C., California

"Best Humanitarian" stories of the FBD team: 'Bewildered' Wins at Monaco International Film Festival

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