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Tuesday, 30 August 2016

Shingles: Itching and pain gone in minutes

Kelly woke up with shingles symptoms, recognized from prior outbreaks, and called FireBurnDoctor shortly after that. When the FBD team called her back, 8 minutes later, Kelly said her pain level was 5 or 6 and her itching level was 6 or 7 (on the scale of 0 to 10) when she first called, and both had already dropped to 2 for pain and 0 itching, adding that it was red on her ribcage and she felt feverish. With pain and itching reduced so quickly, Kelly commented, "This is just phenomenal. What you guys do is wonderful. Thank you." Two hours later, Kelly called to say, "It's been 2 hours. I don't feel any pain or itching, and the redness is pretty much gone. I found a phone I can take a picture with, but there's not really much to see now. Thank you so much. Thank you so much."
Three hours later Kelly emailed her report: "I want to share my current experience with FBD. I woke up this morning with a beginning rash of Shingles. I have had it before so I know the signs very well. It was itchy and red so I put some Neem Oil on it, which calmed it down a bit. I then came into my office on an unrelated matter, and amazingly instantly happened across the FBD number! I had totally forgotten that they can help with Shingles. I called immediately at 10:13 AM. By the time I called them back at 12:13 PM, to report in, the itching and pain were completely gone. I am not surprised that FBD helped with this, because I have had a previous experience with FBD in regard to a burn and found it nothing less than miraculous. I'm amazed the whole world does not know about this wonderful work going on. I will do my best to spread the word."
                                                                                                        Kelly P., 7/5/15, Mexico

Interview with FireBurnDoctor, Dr. Philip Savage

Global Free Instant Burn and Shingles Recovery +1-818-332-6445 FireBurnDoctor.com 

FBD Shingles Protocol   Video: Shingles - Instant Recovery - Double Blind test of Dr Philip Savage's SDI

RUSH Log line: All true events, RUSH tells the story of a breakthrough health, life and earth-saving technology, abilities that we have now. If you can dream it, you can do it.  

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Tuesday, 2 August 2016

Viggo and Fireburndoctor

Good News!
FireburnDoctor, Philip Savage, does more than burns! Check out PSproof.com.

FBD documentary, RUSHwon an Angel award! 

There's 4 more pages of amazing reports on www.FireBurnDoctor.com.

And now we have a Real Hero on the team!!!

While walking around the Cannes Film Festival, filmmaker Jane Clements (JC), executive producer
of RUSH, spotted Viggo Mortensen (Aragorn!) walking down some stairs
surrounded by entourage, fans and rolling press cameras.

With FireBurnDoctor stickers in hand, JC strode directly into the group right up to Viggo saying,
"Please allow me to give you these - they are saving lives."

Viggo looked, took the stickers from JC, and started handing them out, telling the people,
"They're saving lives everyone... here you go take this!"

“This simple act by Viggo was very heroic,” says JC.  It was like time stood still…
I just stared at him, smiling, holding a RUSH card for the cameras. Then I started to do what he was doing,
handing out stickers to all the people, until everyone present had received one.
It was brilliant! Then Viggo got into his car and they drove away.
A Knight in Shining Armor in real life too!”
FireBurnDoctor, Philip Savage’s Global Burn Eradication team is on standby 24/7 to treat burn cases
worldwide as a FREE public experiment within the first minutes of injury. So far there are over 1,415 burn
cases from 58 countries, All with the same results: Pain gone in minutes, burn erased in hours.
The burns are treated remotely with Distant Subliminal Neuro Bypass (DSNB) and the
“Instant Burn Recoveries” are documented on www.FireBurnDoctor.com.

What makes Viggo's act heroic? The horrible pain and suffering from burns can be stopped
in its tracks and lives saved with a single and quick phone call to the FireBurnDoctor.
Like a true intelligent and courageous knight, Viggo got the idea immediately and
knew why JC had passed him several stickers, not just one!

You can watch the video clip with JC and Viggo here(courtesy M6 TV Paris). And be a real life hero too. 
Make sure your friends and family have the FBD number in their cell phones +1-818-332-6445, under "burns," 
and call immediately within the first 30 minutes when anyone is burned.
Save the number, save a life! See it work like these people did:

"There's no pain... I'm absolutely amazed!" Maria A., California, 9/6/10
"Henry's dad called in shock to say that his toddler woke up and wanted to play an hour after his burn... 
then asked, "Is that normal for someone you guys have helped?" Henry L., Wisconsin, 9/21/11
"No pain... No blister... What is it you guys do?... So much better than I expected!" Victor S., Colorado, 1/11/12
"A real miracle, we were stopped in our tracks! A free awesome service, bless all those involved." Kathy, 7/17/14

All of Philip Savage's Eco-Humanitarian Projects use his unique, advanced Subliminal
Influence Technology, designed to save the earth, rescue the children
and ensure the survival of the human species. 

"There is no time anymore for messages. What it’s time for, right now, is proofs.... Cells burned by a laser in the 
nucleus, we take half of those cells, working in triple blind system – all of the cells I’m taking care of don’t die –
all the cells I’m not taking care of, of course die. We can go even further, that can be done from a distance,
simultaneously, on several samples of cells. And, then, we can go even further in absolute heterodox
experiment... It is for me to teach anyone... We take kids, south central America, in the Bronx, pushing drugs,
the dregs of your own society, the hopeless. Let me spend half an hour with six of them and I will guarantee that 
half an hour later they will make exactly the same experiment with the same rate of success I have done myself,
I have just unfrozen your own powers that exist within everyone. They just happen to have been unfrozen in
time, awakened... and nothing else. I have the key, I can pass it to you." Dr. Philip Savage, Ph.D.

To contact FireBurnDoctor Philip Savage: +1 760 415 4550

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