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Friday, 8 March 2013

"I'm a tree climber... I need my hands!" Remote Viewer befuddled by FBD amazing results!

Ted burned his fingers on a VERY hot muffler and called FireBurnDoctor in within 4 minutes. When the FBD team called back 6 minutes later, he described his pain said his pain was 4 (on the scale of 0 to 10), and dropping. About an hour later, Ted called to say, "the third and fourth digits are starting to feel better, coming in at a two, when I touch them… or they get banged around a little bit. And currently I don't even notice them when I'm going about my routine. So I'm down to about a zero when I'm not thinking about it. I wouldn't call that normal. I'd call that pretty good. At any rate, they're still tender. Point five, maybe, when I'm thinking about them... Thank you." Twenty hours from the time of the burn, Ted called again to say, "Well nothing going on in my fingers today. In fact, ...I had asked myself which hand was the problem hand. Momentarily, I had to wonder. Good work... We're talking about finger tips, one second, full contact on a burning hot muffler.... I should have at least had some indication this morning, that something had happened yesterday, pain or blistering... At any rate, I'm befuddled and a little freaked out. Thank you so much... Thank you..." and added that he wanted to send a donation... and will tell all his friends about this!

Five days later, Ted emailed his detailed final report: "Around 1:15 pm on May 14th, I steadied my weight on my stump grinder and the pads of my 3rd and 4th digits touched the muffler cover for, I'd say, a full second of moderate pressure. Turn off this machine and 5 minutes later you can spit on the cover and it will sizzle like eggs on a griddle. I've done it. It's really hot. I forsaw two weeks of blisters, scabs, pain, and annoyance. While my fingers weren't smoking or on fire, I need my hands--alot. I'm a tree climber. Anywhere else on my body and I would have just dealt with the trouble on my own, unless of course the burn was severe. So I called the Fireburn Doctor and followed directions. I'd heard of them on Rense by the way. The pain was a 3-4 (0 being no pain and 10 passing out from it, as I see it). An hour later, around 2-3. Two hours later I literally asked myself which hand was it that I actually burned. This really happened. The next day a mild tingling remained. That's all. Something should have been there. I was a little freaked out. You know, befuddled, spooked. I'm a remote viewer, and a paranormal enthusiast. I read about, hell, I do the impossible (or so they say) every day. But when this stuff happens to you? Freaked out. It wasn't the worst burn, but was a real one, and in the worst place. Something should have been there. Some evidence. Nuthin."
Ted F., California, 5/14/12

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