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Tuesday, 22 March 2016

"Cindy was able to enjoy the rest of her very full day!" says husband. #RUSHdoc

Surprised at the effectiveness of the healing

Cindy burned her right hand while working with a hot iron, and her husband texted the FireBurnDoctor on 1-818-332-6445 within 30 minutes. When the FBD team called back 4 minutes later, Cindy's pain level was 3 (on the scale of 0 to 10). One hour and 25 minutes later, Cindy's husband called to say, "Thank you Doctor. The burn swelling went down. The skin did not split. She said it sort of reconnected. She used the words, "kind of wild" regarding the healing that occurred. The pain went down dramatically fast. The swelling disappeared immediately. I am very grateful and thank you very much for the work you do."

Three days later, Cindy's husband emailed the report: "Hi there, here is the promised testimonial. Thank you so much for the wonderful healing! A few days before New Year’s, my wife used an iron that she was not accustomed to using. When finished ironing, she was going to set it aside when the boiling water inside the iron poured out on her hand, scalding it on both sides and between her fingers. The pain was intense and she immediately ran to get ice. While putting ice cubes on her hand she called me on the telephone and told me what happened. We had a conversation about what happened and when I got off the phone, I remembered about the Fire Burn Doctor. I texted the burn doctor and was immediately called back. I explained what I knew about the burn, gave him the basic information he requested, and was given directions of what to tell my wife. I called her and told her that I have been told that she was supposed to continue her day not paying any attention to her burn. Next the burn doctor did his work remotely (distant healing). 30 minutes later I called my wife and asked her what her experience was. She said 'it's wild,' the inflammation went down dramatically, the blisters disappeared and the pain was almost completely gone. She was very surprised at the effectiveness of the healing. She was also very grateful because she was able to enjoy the rest of her very full day. A couple days later when I saw her, she had virtually no pain anymore and her hand looked normal. I think if I had called sooner, the immediate healing would have been even more complete. Even still, I highly recommend calling as soon as possible after the burn occurs. ~Husband in Texas, December 2014. Thank you again."
Cindy R., 12/30/15, Texas

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