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Tuesday, 18 October 2016

Call and, if you can, get on with your day for best experiential results... All's well that ends well for Alison who didn't summon her courage.

Alison burned her hand grabbing a very hot skillet and called the FireBurnDoctor +1 818 332 6445 within 6 minutes. When the FBD team called her back 5 minutes later, Alison said her pain level had been a 10 (on the scale of 0 to 10) and was already dropping. Despite the suggestion that she "forget about it and go about your normal activities", Alison kept her hand in iced water for the next several hours! Even so, the next morning, she called to say that she had, "Really seared it yesterday; blisters formed; pain free now. If that's your work, then thank you very much. I don't want to be rude, but I just don't know how it would otherwise have been." She also said she had read other testimonies where burns like hers had disappeared so quickly, but "mine didn't go away that fast so I'm not sure. I did keep it in cooler water...."

Four days after her burn, Alison called again and left a voice message with her report: "I called last Thursday. I burned my hand badly. And you called me the next morning and the pain had been gone ever since I woke up Friday morning.... And I wasn't sure if you all had helped me with the burn. But the more time that goes by, the more incredible this does seem to me. You can hardly tell that I was ever burned, or that it ever happened. And I just want to thank you very much. Whatever it is you're doing, it's really a good thing on this planet. Thank you."

Then she added, "it's still mysterious what [FBD] does. Is it God? Something else? Amazing what's possible in the universal mystery with our mind. I've read his piece on the matrix, what he does. It's still mysterious. I recognize it's a difficult topic to relate. But the results are amazing and I commend the work you do. Is it free the next time I get burned? [yes, always free... for anyone... anywhere in the world!] Thank you for all you do. I've had no pain since midnight that night. [Just] a small blister did develop, dried up... but as more time passes it becomes more evident how incredible this has been.
Alison R., Arizona, 3/22/12


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