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Monday, 22 June 2015

Cannes Reloaded 2015

Great Times at Magnificent Cannes!

Last year John Travolta, Uma Thurman and Quentin Tarantino on the beach at Cannes. This year JC meets Jane Fonda, her world famous Italian publicist, two famous French actors: Vincent Lindon and Lambert Wilson, also Eva Longoria, Joe Jackson, Jordan Ong, Karl Lagerfeld and Miss Russia. Lambert Wilson portrayed the Merovingian in The Matrix Reloaded and The Matrix Revolutions. How fitting it was to sticker Lambert and tell him about the real Bio-Matrix Hacker, Dr. Philip Savage who “has the key and can pass it to you”!

People at Cannes said it's the best "pitch" they had ever heard: “More than 1,250 burn cases, from 52 countries, ALL with the same results: Pain gone in minutes, burn erased in hours". It's FBD cases like these that prove that FREE "Instant Burn Recovery" is true and available to everyone in the world.... All they did was call or text the FBD phone number within the first 30 minutes of burn injury. Here's an example of what happens:
"It went to zero instantly... It's impossible! So I'm a little freaked out!” says Barry whose hand was burned and pain level was 5 out of 10. “My wife said it works, as she was sending you my photo and I thought, 'Yeah right, whatever.’ But the pain is gone! She was right, and our dinner guests thought the same thing, not believing her at first. How does that work? We sat down to dinner and I could barely hold the fork it hurt so much. Then it just dropped. It wasn't a gradual decline. I mean it went to zero instantly, like in mid conversation, and I looked at my wife and thought, "It's impossible... my hand doesn't hurt!" Barry T., Washington, 5/22/14

All you Matrix fans, guess what?


Baby Madelaine burned her hand on her mother's hair straightener, and her mom called FireBurnDoctor within 20 minutes saying, "She's in a lot of pain. She's screaming, freaking out" with a pain level of 7-8 (on the scale of 0 to 10), adding the burn is "red and bubbled up". Only 11 minutes later, when the FBD team called them back, Madelaine's mom said, "Now she's not crying. She's calmed down definitely!" Two hours after that, Madelaine's mother texted to say, "Sorry for the late text! Madelaine woke up around 11:00 and was doing a lot better. She has not grabbed at her hand and is in a very good mood. There seems to be no blisters at all!” And the next morning, "Pain was zero just before she went to bed. Thank you."  Madelaine M., 3/20/15, Texas
RUSH   produced by Jane Clements (JC)

Our Award-winning feature documentary,  RUSH , is all about "abilities that we have now." FireBurnDoctor.com is one application of that Distant Subliminal Neuro-Bypass (DSNB) technology, Shingles Doctor is another. Then there are ALL the other "scientific miracles" done over the last 30 years for people suffering from all kinds of problems, from diabetes to schizophrenia, from Alzheimer’s to TB. Our film, RUSH documents several of these cases: dramatic, immediate recoveries from a near fatal broken neck, a 20 year drug addiction, and years of crippling arthritis... Bio-Restorations accomplished using the unique Subliminal Distant Influence technology developed by Dr. Philip Savage. As one witness exclaims, "It's amazing... it's almost like think and it happens." Dr. Savage says his ancestors taught, "If you can dream it, you can do it." JC takes that literally, with her own life as proof! But, she says, you must follow certain laws. This is not about talk and wishful thinking. It is about real skills to actually change things... changes that simply would not happen in the normal course of events. 
When JC asks people, “what are your dreams?”, she tells them, “I had a dream, first as a child, then a life-long dream that I would travel the world with a special power that was unquestionable and would help a lot of people. I dreamed it and did it and am still doing it!"

That's her angel life now, and it is uncanny how JC meets the right people, somehow just KNOWING where to go, and where to be most of the time. Bumping into doctors of various disciplines at Cannes, for instance, Doctors of Economics, Medicine, Forensic Psychiatry and then spotting a very tall lady walking down the Croisette in her high heels, she must already be 6 ft 5 in her bare feet! JC flew into action, knowing she just had to speak to that person, only to find that this woman also was a doctor, this time of Dentistry. The point here is these are the people who can get RUSH and the FBD story to their TV connections and friends, because people trust what these professionals say on matters of such importance, and it gives more credibility to the FBD results when they see it work. In talking with JC, these new friends spoke of their experiences with burns and were delighted, fascinated and in awe to hear of this amazing new technology that can take care of burns from a distance, something we desperately need in the world right now. (According to the U.S. National Fire Protection Association (NFPA), fire kills more Americans than ALL natural disasters combined.)

"Medical Doctor report on son's burn: "I am completely convinced that it worked... it's not even red!"
Eleven-year-old Evan got burned and his mother texted FireBurnDoctor within 6 hours, saying, "My son has a severe sunburn. It happened this afternoon and it got worse over the course of the evening." The next morning, ten hours later, Evan's mom called to exclaim, "This morning his skin looks completely normal! And there's no way it would have looked like that without your treatment... thank you so much. I'm a physician and I can say, burns are the most difficult to take care of. Evan's cousin got sunburned recently and had a huge blister and it didn't look normal for three days. This was way worse, a really deep red burn and now it doesn't even look like it was burned, not even brown. Thank you!" In her follow-up report, Evan's mother added, "I got a minor burn myself that day, and the next day my back was still pink and tender, but my son's was not pink or red at all, and not sore either, although his sunburn was much worse than mine the day before... Thank you so much for all you do! I would love to get training in this technique." Evan A., North Carolina, 8/11/14


One afternoon on a beautiful yacht docked at Cannes marina, JC represented the making of RUSH on a special panel that was broadcast worldwide by Bloomberg Media, giving FBD its first exposure on global TV! This is exactly where we need to go next… The purpose of going to Cannes 2015 was to connect with Film and TV decision makers who have the capability to cover burn stories all over the world and broadcast this amazing “before” and “after” video documentation on global nightly news. CNN is particularly important, as CNN has reporters everywhere that burns just happen. The world wants to see the amazing results of FireBurnDoctor’s Bio-Matrix Hacking!


Those reporters who document burns will be heroes like our own Jed Dole, whose quick thinking and fast reactions saved the day and work pay of his tool-maker friend Grant Fryer, who was back to work using his “Instantly Recovered” hand within an hour of grabbing the hot metal tubing of the shop compressor. Jed and Grant called the FBD number within minutes of the burn and Jed documented Grant's entire recovery process on his video camera including follow up the next morning where Grant exclaimed, "It's like it never happened..." and suggested to everyone, "Just call, it's painless to try"! (See it live on  RUSH .)
As our newsletter said years ago, "An Easy Way To Be A Hero," is to get your friends to save the number +1-818-332-6445 on their cell phones, and then be ready to receive their overwhelming gratitude when they call you a few months later to thank you for saving their grandchild, or husband or neighbor... or even themselves from the pain and suffering of burn. 



RUSH  when you burn yourself because you only have 30 minutes to call the FBD and get "Instant Burn Recovery." 
RUSH  when you are suffering because the FBD does more than burns and can take care of you quickly and easily. 
RUSH  because the Earth (your mother, our home) is dying and FBD has the only solution that can save her and you. 

Only a Matter of Time...

We're also delighted to tell you that during the two weeks of the Cannes Film Festival, the number of RUSH views on YouTube doubled... That's amazing! And the overwhelming positive response we received, as we handed out our little stickers and gave our pitch, clearly indicates that number will keep climbing fast. Not only due to our efforts, but also due to many of you out there who have spontaneously exclaimed, "I'll be posting this all over facebook", "I'll send this to all my friends". "I'm going to tweet this and keep tweeting it often!” We are moved and incredibly grateful to all you heroes for your help in spreading the news. And we know it's only a matter of time before FireBurnDoctor hits a TV news station, and then another and another, as the deep impact of what a FREE global burn eradication project actually can do for the world finally sinks into global consciousness. And what's cool about that is not only the fact of it itself, but that it's irreversible! Once the FBD is publicly known and the proof of a higher power has been widely seen and accepted, it can never be unknown and unaccepted.

Scientific Miracles. Welcome to a New Reality... beyond the Matrix.

Dr. Philip Savage Proof Exclusive Documentary Interview:
CATHARSIS: Awakening Humanity's Full Potential:
Love and Best,
Jane "JC" Clements

www.FireBurnDoctor.com       1-818-332-6445    Free Instant Burn Recovery  

Saturday, 13 June 2015

I was saved from what surely would have been at least a 2nd-degree burn

Within two minutes of burning himself at Thanksgiving dinner, Dale remembered he had programmed the Fireburndoctor number into his cell phone and called to ask for help. By the time the Fireburndoctor team called back minutes later to confirm his full name, the pain had already gone from an 8 or 9 on a scale of 1 to 10 down to almost one. He exclaimed, “How did you guys do that?” About 3 hours later, after a buoyant Thanksgiving fest with 10 people wondering how this happened, he emailed his elated testimony:
“Dear Fire burn Doctor, My name is Dale. While visiting my mother on Thanksgiving, my whole family was in the kitchen and we were all getting our food to sit down. While putting boiling hot gravy on my mashed potatoes, I accidentally put too much and it ran over onto the palm of my hand. It was all I could do to keep from dropping my plate because the burn hurt so bad… I then remembered that I had put the Fireburndoctor’s phone number in my cell phone. I immediately called… and gave my birth name, date of birth, birth place, city and state and place where the burn occurred and time which was within 2 minutes after it had happened. Shortly… I received a call back from the Fireburndoctor team who asked me what my pain level was. I said ‘Wow how did you do that, it is like maybe a 1 or 2 at most.’ He asked what it was previously. I said it was an 8 or higher. In fact I commented to my family that it hurt so bad it was making me sick. But everyone else was in total amazement. I then received a second call from the Fireburndoctor, and by that time my level was 0… I am giving everyone I know this phone number to call. Thank you for this wonderful blessing, I was saved from what surely would have been at least a second-degree burn… I am so glad I programmed the number into my phone when the woman on the radio said to do that.”
"Trailblazer" Dale T., Ohio  11/26/09  1:17 pm EST

BURN ERADICATION PROJECT: "Rush when you burn yourself... RUSH!"

Call or text IMMEDIATELY +1-818-332-6445 

RUSH the movie:

Friday, 5 June 2015

Nurse Tammy: no pain at 30 minutes and cooling effect!

               18 minutes after Tammy C. spilled boiling water on her hand, her husband called the FireBurnDoctor. Her pain was a 7 or 8 (on a scale of 0 – 10). This smart man had kept the FBD phone number available after hearing about it on the radio. Five minutes later, Tammy’s pain started to drop and about 20 minutes later, her pain was zero!  

               Immediately after that, Tammy emailed FBD: "Dear FireBurnDoctor Team. My husband called you this morning to request your assistance after I scalded my left thumb and wrist with boiling water while filling a hot water bottle. I am trained as a Nurse Practitioner, although I mostly do alternative medicine... for people who have suffered trauma of any kind, & life threatening illnesses.., I knew that this was a very serious second-degree burn.

               Just prior to calling you, the pain was about a 7-8, and there was a large 4" area of redness and swelling, with a visible blister forming. Almost immediately after calling you, I felt a sensation of cool water pouring down through my crown, and into my body, where it focused in my left arm and thumb/wrist. Ahhhhh...... So cool and comforting. For a minute or two, the sensation of the burn intensified, but I am very familiar with this...there is often a transient increase in pain, as if the wound needs to be acknowledged, and then it begins to calm down. This was the case with me, and after a minute or two of increased pain, the cooling sensation began, along with a tingling, and I watched as the bright red of the scald began to diminish, along with the swelling.
               It has now been about 30 minutes since we called you, and I have no pain!  Wow!  Thank You So Much!  I humbly bow down to each of you on this beautiful team, and extend my deepest gratitude for the wonderful work you do for the world. I will most certainly work on getting your information out there in any way that I can, and I would love to be a part of this great work. If you ever have need for more healers on your team, I would be deeply honored to be a part of this powerful work. Kindly let me know if that possibility arises.
               With Love & Gratitude, [Tammy] R.N.C., L.C.S.W."
Tammy C., Arizona