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Saturday, 28 March 2015

Parker: "It hurts like its on fire", 6 mins later: "pain is about zero!"

  • "The plastic burned into my skin”
  • SAVE +1-818-332-6445. Parker burned his hand with melting plastic and he called the FireBurnDoctor within 4 minutes, saying, "It's all white and swollen up. I dropped a hot piece of plastic on it. The plastic was so hot, when it landed on my finger, the plastic burned into my skin. It hurts like it's on fire. It's bad right now." When the FBD team called him back 6 minutes later, Parker explained that a fan broke and he tried to fix it using a blow torch. He said his pain level was 8 or 9 (on the scale of 0 to 10). Then, in the same phone call, he asked, "Did you do something? Because it's good. The swelling has even started going down. It had been on fire. And now the pain is about 0, definitely less than 1." A half hour later, Parker called to say, "Yeah. That worked. So whatever you guys did, it's cool. It's pretty good now. And it actually looks like the swelling has gone down. It's like the 10th time I've called you guys, and you have done this. I love you. I don't know how you do it, but it's cool. Thank you."

    Parker F., California, 8/7/14
  • BURN ERADICATION PROJECT:  "Rush when you burn yourself... RUSH!" 

    Call or text IMMEDIATELY +1-818-332-6445 
  • See Award winning RUSHhttp://youtu.be/9rZbjJze3wg


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