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Thursday, 23 July 2015

AMAZING! Moms! You have to see this! Thanks to a kind stranger.

·         At 9:52 pm, Pacific time, Lynn's mom called from the emergency room about her 6-year-old daughter's burned stomach. She said Lynn had spilled hot liquid straight from the microwave onto her belly and the pain level was a 10 (on a scale of 0 to 10). A full two hours after the burn, a stranger in the ER waiting room told Lynn's mom that Fireburndoctor had helped a friend of hers with dramatic results of her burn treatment, including no scarring. Borrowing this stranger's phone, with Lynn crying by her side, Lynn's mom had nothing to lose and made the call. She told the Fireburndoctor team that it might be a third degree burn, the skin was bright red and veiny, as if the skin had already come off. About a half hour later, the Fireburndoctor team talked to the woman in the ER who had lent the mom the phone. This woman said she had just seen the burn and it now "looked a week old!" 

Three days later, Lynn's mother called to report that, "Lynn is feeling really good. The pain level went down almost immediately. When the doctor was applying the bandages and rubbing her tummy, she wasn't complaining at all. All the way to the ER, she was screaming bloody murder, but she stopped crying within 10 to 15 minutes of calling [Fireburndoctor]. Actually, when the [ER] doctor was scrubbing her tummy and applying the bandages, she was laughing. She was laughing!... You see, my son had a burn 12 years ago in day-care. The woman who ran that day-care out of her home was never able to tell me how he got 3rd degree burns on his face and chest. He still has scars from that. So please tell the doctor, thank you very much. You can hear her. That's Lynn, she's playing. I've got your number programmed in my phone, under Burns, just like that woman said to do."
Lynn H., Arizona, 3/22/10


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