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Saturday, 13 June 2015

I was saved from what surely would have been at least a 2nd-degree burn

Within two minutes of burning himself at Thanksgiving dinner, Dale remembered he had programmed the Fireburndoctor number into his cell phone and called to ask for help. By the time the Fireburndoctor team called back minutes later to confirm his full name, the pain had already gone from an 8 or 9 on a scale of 1 to 10 down to almost one. He exclaimed, “How did you guys do that?” About 3 hours later, after a buoyant Thanksgiving fest with 10 people wondering how this happened, he emailed his elated testimony:
“Dear Fire burn Doctor, My name is Dale. While visiting my mother on Thanksgiving, my whole family was in the kitchen and we were all getting our food to sit down. While putting boiling hot gravy on my mashed potatoes, I accidentally put too much and it ran over onto the palm of my hand. It was all I could do to keep from dropping my plate because the burn hurt so bad… I then remembered that I had put the Fireburndoctor’s phone number in my cell phone. I immediately called… and gave my birth name, date of birth, birth place, city and state and place where the burn occurred and time which was within 2 minutes after it had happened. Shortly… I received a call back from the Fireburndoctor team who asked me what my pain level was. I said ‘Wow how did you do that, it is like maybe a 1 or 2 at most.’ He asked what it was previously. I said it was an 8 or higher. In fact I commented to my family that it hurt so bad it was making me sick. But everyone else was in total amazement. I then received a second call from the Fireburndoctor, and by that time my level was 0… I am giving everyone I know this phone number to call. Thank you for this wonderful blessing, I was saved from what surely would have been at least a second-degree burn… I am so glad I programmed the number into my phone when the woman on the radio said to do that.”
"Trailblazer" Dale T., Ohio  11/26/09  1:17 pm EST

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