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Thursday, 18 December 2014

Within 2-3 hours the skin was healed like nothing ever happened.

Henry burned his hand grabbing the lid of a very hot pot and called the FireBurnDoctor within 2 minutes. When the FDB team called him back 3 minutes later, Henry said his pain had been 6-7 (on the scale of 0 to 10), and was now "only a 2, believe it or not!", adding, "This is awesome, I'm astonished, seems to be working real well already. I think I have a natural ability to heal myself, but this is great. I really appreciate it.

The next morning, Henry emailed his report: "Hello. Just wanted to give a quick account of an experience I had last night 04-21-2013. I was cooking Chicken stew on 2 burners. I consolidated the 2 pots into 1 and kept cooking it without turning off the other burner. It is a glass top stove and you can't see that it's on. I placed the stainless steel lid on the burner upside down and let it cook there for probably 30 minutes and then grabbed it on accident. I took it all the way to the pot and placed it there. WOW !!! What a burn. I placed the Fire burn doctor call and gave the details of my burn. I started working on it myself in order to heal it and waited for the call back. By the time the call came the pain was down to a 1-2 from a seven in only 3 minutes. I followed the instructions given to me and called back in 1 hour to report the pain at a 1. Within 2-3 hours the skin was healed like nothing ever happened. Not surprising, but so Beautiful to Experience. Thank you for the help.  Blessings and light to you.... Best regards.
Henry F., Florida, 4/21/13  

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