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Wednesday, 16 February 2011

To her surprise, the pharmacist did not recommend anything on the shelf, but told Cathy instead about the FireBurnDoctor! #RUSHdoc

   Cathy burned her arm, from elbow to wrist, when she poured very hot microwaved tea water on her arm. In a panic with what she thought was a second-degree burn, she drove to the pharmacy to get burn cream. To her surprise, the pharmacist did not recommend anything on the shelf, but told her instead about the FireBurnDoctor. He said it was a free service accessed by phone which he'd heard was getting great results, but he hadn't SEEN the results himself. He told her that if she decided to call, to please, let him know how it worked. Cathy figured she had nothing to lose, so she called the FBD phone number immediately and left her information. When the FBD team called her back, she said the pain level was 3-4 (on a scale of 0 to 10), that the burn had happened about 75 minutes before, and agreed to call back with results in about a half an hour.  Since the pharmacist also wanted to see the results, Cathy went about her normal activities making business phone calls standing right there in the store.

   About a half hour later, both Cathy and the pharmacist were amazed, and Cathy called the FBD team to report: "I called you all earlier. My burn went down considerably. It had been all the way up my arm, and now it's like 3 things, 3 little spots... With the stuff I was doing, I didn't pay much attention to it and I realized that it didn't hurt anymore. Then I looked at it and it was considerably smaller. A pharmacist gave me your number. It is amazing. And I am a Christian, and I believe in faith healing, which I KNOW that's what you gotta be doing. But you're doing a wonderful job. It worked really good and I'm going to send you a picture of my arm. Thank you."

    Cathy says she's going to tell everyone that, "It's miraculous, like a miracle, it's fabulous what you can do, it's a wonderful service. I've been to healing services, and been healed, but not like this." She asked, "is it prayer? If it is, then you all have figured out how to target it!"

    FireBurnDoctor's Neuro-Bypass science that Cathy is asking about is explained as simply as possible on The About page and p.10 of the reports for anyone who is interested. And, FBD says, when there is widespread interest,  he will train emergency teams throughout the world to eradicate the scourge of burns everywhere. So tell all "just call!"

    Cathy W., Nevada, 11/8/10

Save that number now on your cell phones, stick it on your refrigerator doors and tell all to do the same.  +1-818-332-6445 - www.fireburndoctor.com
Call, text or email immediately when anyone is burned. Calls take a minute.

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RUSH: Award-winning Movie - shocking, extraordinary REMOTE DOINGhttp://youtu.be/9rZbjJze3wg

Interview with FireBurnDoctor, Dr. Savage Exclusivehttps://youtu.be/WJxw-hSa9rI

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