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Friday, 14 January 2011

Burned making Tofu, Julie compares similar burn as a child. Great story highlighted

Hawaii: Julie called the  FireBurnDoctor phone number just 9 minutes after burning herself boiling soy milk that splashed up and burned her hand pretty bad. When the FBD team called her back, Julie said her pain level had been a 9 (on a scale of 0-10) and was already down to a 5. She said she had put aloe on it, but it wasn't helping, when she remembered hearing about FBD on the Jeff Rense show and made the call. About an hour and a half later, Julie reported, "I couldn't call you back at half an hour because I was right in the middle of making tofu. That was the process I had to get back to. And sadly it involved more heat and hot water. But, you know what. I fully expected my whole wrist and left hand to be covered with inch high blisters by now. And they aren't there. It's red and soar and a 3 to 4, but it's not as bad as I anticipated it was going to be. Thank you so much! for your magic. I'll be telling everyone. Thank you. Bye bye."  10 minutes after that, Julie called to say, "Thank you so much! The pain is now down to a 2, the redness is gone away, the skin is flat and not blistering. The skin is actually a little brown, like it's healing...I fully expected this one to blister up and scar. I'm a believer. Thanks a million. How do you do it?" 

20 minutes later, Julie emailed her story: "Aloha Burn Doctor- Here is my experience for your files: About 4 pm I was making tofu, which involved pouring boiling soymilk into a bag and pressing it through, when the liquid suddenly splashed over my left hand and wrist, causing severe pain. Having received a similar cooking burn as a 10 year old, and being still scarred today 50 years later, I fully expected a giant blister to appear, it was that bad. I could see how red it was, and the swelling had begun. I ran outside and cut a leaf of aloe vera and applied the gel, but this time it did not help. It was excruciating. A 9 or 10 on the scale. Then I recalled reading about your technique, maybe on the Rense website.... At any rate, I had nothing to lose but the pain, so I called the FireBurnDoctor, as I saw I was within the 30 minute time frame.

He said I should continue on about my day, so I did. I had to finish the tofu, which sadly involved more exposure to heat. By now the pain was down to about a five, and the redness was diminishing. At one point, I actually felt really good, almost high (on my own endorphins?) and the pain would rear up a little and then subside. I did run cold water over it a few times, that felt good. Two hours later, I am writing, and able to use the hand, and the pain is about  2-3, with pain-free intervals between.  The amazing thing is there is no blister. The redness is disappearing and the skin is brownish, as if the healing process has already begun. Thank you again for this humanitarian effort that you are performing for free for people in pain. I posted your number in my Rolodex. Aloha." 

Two days later she followed up with a "by-the-way," saying, "Also, by that evening, my hand felt good, and today is fine. Thanks again!"  NO pain, NO blister, NO scarring, NO cost...  FireburnDoctor 818-332-6445!

Julie  S.,  Hawaii, 8/8/10


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