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Friday, 14 January 2011

Two from Vietnam

A young girl, Catherine, was taking hot water from a special tap of boiling water to make her tea before going to bed. The tap dripped some hot water on her hand and then her cup fell over her other hand. The burn was red and painful. After cooling her hand, Catherine's mother called the FireBurnDoctor phone number. About 30 minutes later, Catherine fell fast asleep and in the morning when she awoke, there was only a mild pain that disappeared completely during the day. Two days after the burn injury, there was no pain and no redness and no scars ever developed.

          Catherine  Q., Vietnam

A friend called FireBurnDoctor to say that Phan had burned her hand about 7 minutes before. She grabbed a cup from the microwave that stuck to her hand and her pain level was a 4, on a scale of 0 to 10. At 10:48, Phan's friend called to report that, "Her finger is better. She says now the pain is coming in waves, so when it's real low, it's not hurting, then it kind of comes back and it hurts quite a bit, but she says it's getting better, so thank you...." Two days later, Phan's friend emailed an update: "She told me that it feels much better like it was healing. Thank you for your service and for following up."
Phan H., Vietnam


Free Instant Burn Recovery - 1-818-332-6445 - fireburndoctor@aol.com
Stick the number on your cell phone (under “burns”), on the refrigerator door and in your car; everywhere accessible in an emergency. If you or someone you know is burned call, text or email immediately, within the first 30 minutes. Calls take a minute.  Tell All

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