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Wednesday, 25 February 2015

“Totally pain free... absolutely amazing experience!” 3 NEW PAGES of FBD REPORTS!

  • "RUSH when you burn yourself" for Instant Burn Recovery. Pain gone in minutes, burn erased in hours (See the movie!
  • It is still amazing for Rose who called very late...! A lot of pain to zero pain!
Rose awoke to find she had burned her hand sleeping by a fire and called the FireBurnDoctor four days later, saying, "The burn happened this past Friday night. I now have 2 very bad blisters on my middle left finger and one on my right index finger." When the FireBurnDoctor team called her back about 5 minutes later, Rose said the pain on her fingers was between 6-8 (on the scale of 0 to 10). 

"The fabric was flame resistant but not smolder resistant and I slept through the whole thing until my friend woke me up. All of my [long] nails were charred, I had to cut them off." said Rose. The FBD team told her that it was way past the half hour window, so "we'll see what happens." 
  • One hour later, Rose called in leaving a message: "I have touched all 3 burn places and I am totally pain free. So thank you very much. Thank you so much!" When the FBD team called Rose back and asked, "When did the pain go to zero?" she replied, "As soon as I hung up the phone...," adding, "I didn't press on it til the 1 hour call. Then I pressed as hard as I could and no pain. Absolutely amazing experience. I don't know how you did it, but it worked. Thank you, Thank you!"
  • Rose K., New York, 11/26/13
  • Note: The FBD team took care of her a long time - 4 days past the 30 minute window. Often in special situations the FBD team have taken care of people who call in late, Rose is one of those lucky people. Fire Fighters also have a special time allowance. See the FBD website and the Bio-Matrix Hacker document for explanation of the advanced sciences involved. 
  • FBD team takes care of Shingles virus too within 24 hours of outbreak!
  • New pages of reports. More results every day!  1,300+ Instant Burn and Shingles cases from 50 US states and 56 countries page 31(link)  page 32(link)  page 36 (link)  Burns and Shingles!
RUSH - The Documentary - extraordinary REMOTE DOING: http://youtu.be/9rZbjJze3wg 
Trailer: http://youtu.be/BJW6Aw3wiZA
Global Burns Test!
Free Instant Burn Recovery  +1-818-332-6445 
Stick the number on your cell phone (under “burns”), on the refrigerator door and in your car; everywhere accessible in an emergency. If you or someone you know is burned call or text immediately, within the first 30 minutes. Calls take a minute.  Tell all!

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