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Saturday, 14 February 2015

I'm older than dirt, had lots of burns and never had it heal like this.

"I'll definitely plaster the number everywhere now and put it into the phone.... I cannot thank you enough!”
Taylor burned her wrist when very hot cooking oil splashed on it from a pan sizzling on the stove, and called the FireBurnDoctor within 20 minutes. When the FBD team called her back 7 minutes later, she said herpain before her call was 8 (on the scale of 0 to 10), and had now dropped to 5-6. She added that she took so long to call because she had first tried splashing cold water onto the burn, then realized, “this thing hurts!” She didn’t have the number saved into her phone and had to start her computer and go to the FBD website to find it before calling, adding, "I'll definitely plaster the number everywhere now and put it into the phone.” About an hour later, Taylor called to say, “Interesting enough, the marks are fading. I can touch it. It doesn't hurt when I touch it. I still have a little sting, but nothing like it was. The three marks are fading. And the swelling is gone down. I'm so happy. Thank you." The FBD team called her back a few minutes later, to find that her pain level was now 2 and that she had kept testing it by tapping it and noticing it was still tender. Then she thought, “give it a break!" and said, “The heat felt by the other hand in proximity is gone. I've never had this kind of burn not blister. I'm older than dirt, had lots of burns and never had it heal like this. I'm so thrilled. Thank you so much! And I know from the [FBD]interview [she heard on radio] that it will continue to heal and be my normal arm. I bet you get lots of people giddy like this, especially compared to their first calls."
An hour later, Taylor emailed her report: "Thank you, thank you, thank YOU!
I called this afternoon approx: 20 minutes after receiving an oil burn while cooking. It spattered all across my wrist and kept burning and burning despite my 'home remedy' efforts to thwart it (the cold running water fix) but to no avail. Remembering FBD, I headed to my phone and realizing I could not get it via Information, I then searched my records while my computer was booting up since I had actually interviewed [FBD spokesperson] Allison on my radio show.... Finally obtaining the number via your website, I called, left the 5 items and received a call within a couple minutes. We confirmed my information and I was given the most peaceful instructions including to call back in an hour.

I most certainly DID call back since it was so cool to be aware of a significant drop in pain level as well as the shrinking of the burns and the obvious change in color. God Bless you, I cannot thank you enough…Love and Blessings,  [Taylor]”
Taylor P., Michigan, 9/26/12 
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