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Saturday, 14 February 2015

Pain is WAAAY down and blister disappeared.

Yvonne burned herself on a hot oven rack while baking bread and called the FireBurnDoctor within 2 minutes. When the FBD team called her back 5 minutes later, Yvonne said her pain was a 6 (on the scale of 0 to 10) and had already dropped to a 2, adding that it's "already gone down so much. It's amazing!There was a blister forming; now it's stopped. Thank you so much. How do you pay for this? I've already used you so often. I'd love to learn how you do it."  About an hour after that, Yvonne left a voice message to say: "It's great. There's a blister there that was forming before, and now it's just flattened back out again. The line is still there, but the pain is WAAAY down. When I think about it, it's a 1. Thank you so very much. And I'll go on the website, and write about it. Thank you, thank you. God bless you." 
Five days later, Yvonne emailed her report: "Dear Doctor, I burnt myself on the stove, and after calling you the pain went down from a 6 to a 1 within an hour. Before i called you, a blister was starting to form, but after an hour it disappeared. Thank you so much for your help! [Yvonne]"
Yvonne B., Sweden, 7/16/13 

Free Instant Burn Recovery - 1-818-332-6445 
Stick the number on your cell phone (under “burns”), on the refrigerator door and in your car; everywhere accessible in an emergency. If you or someone you know is burned call, text or email immediately, within the first 30 minutes. Calls take a minute.  Tell All!

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