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Sunday, 27 July 2014

"This time I was really astounded... this burn was worse... [and] it was like it had not happened."

Ava burned her finger on the very hot wood stove door and called the FireBurnDoctor 2 minutes later. When the FBD team immediately called her back, she said her pain was 8 (on the scale of 0 to 10) and that although it was after midnight that she'd be up for a couple more hours to call back with feedback. When Ava didn't call, the FBD team called her the next afternoon and she exclaimed that, "it got better really quick. I've had so many burns on that stove and they were bad, but this one was the worst. The others erupted into something ugly for weeks. This was the worst of them all so that's why I called, and it did blister, but I went to sleep right away and it was OK in the morning."

Two weeks later, Ava emailed her report: "I burned my finger on the wood stove. I have burned myself on it several times this season, but I had not called since the burns were not extremely painful, but the discomfort lasts and makes a mess a few days later to my skin and leaves scars. The wood stove is very hot, and it burns deep very fast when you accidentally touch it. I usually get the burns on my arm as I am placing the wood inside, but this time I got it on my finger and it hurt very much. A lot of pain. So I called. The pain went away but I don't know when, I fell asleep. The next day there was no blister, no ugly eruption in the days that followed, and no scar. I can look at my arm and see all the scars still from the burns from that stove but not a trace on my finger. I have called before, a couple of times, about a year ago. I was kind of surprised at the results then, but this time I was really kind of astounded... I don't understand, so I can't know. I just know that this burn was worse than the others and it was like it had not happened." Ava S., Washington

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