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Monday, 10 January 2011

Eddie, hairdresser, swore with pain! "What did you do to my hair?" asked his client!!! - Burn Doctor story from Eddie's salon

Eddie, a hairdresser, was working on a client's hair when he accidentally spilled scalding water on his arm. He had heard of the FireBurnDoctor on the Jeff Rense show, so he called in his burn and details within 2 minutes of the injury. When the FireBurnDoctor team called him back 7 minutes later, Eddie said the burn had started to blister before the call and "would have been marked for a week." He said his pain had been a 6 (on a scale of 0 to 10), but was almost totally gone within 5 minutes of making the call.
Eddie's story is a good one: When he burned his arm while working on his client, he yelled, "Oh sh*t!" Immediately, the client exclaimed, "What did you do to my hair?" "Oh, no, your hair is fine. I just burned myself really bad," Eddie replied. The client saw the burn and remarked at it, but also thought Eddie was crazy as he called the FireBurnDoctor and gave his details. Convinced 30 minutes later, however, when not only the pain was gone, but the marks were gone also, the client immediately put the FireBurnDoctor number in her own cell phone.
Eddie's text message report: "Poured steaming water down inner forearm at work, immediate pain, level 6, became red, raised, and preblistered. Made call 2 min later, pain lessened in 5 min, no pain at 10-15 min, and whole thing literally faded away in 30 min. Was working on a hair client at my work who saw the event from beginning to end, she was in total amazement, as was I !!! 30 min later, and nothing there!!! Thank u !!!"

Eddie D., Pennsylvania, 10/5/10


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