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Thursday, 23 December 2010

This wont happen to Santa as he dives down your chimney - but thats Santa! Keep the number safe...

Sam's story is a great example of how important it is to just go about your normal activities after you call the FireBurnDoctor when you burn yourself!

Sam writes: "I burned my neck and face lighting a fire in my fire place. At the time I had about 10 inches of beard hanging down which caught on fire, I had no idea until the pain tore into me. It was a decent burn, instantly super red. My wife went to look for the burn spray when I said, 'Hey let's call the fire burn doctor & see if it really works," which we did. Good thing too because we couldn't find the burn spray. I called, left the information asked of me and waited. By the time the fire burn doctor called me back my pain had gone from a 6 or so [on a scale of 0 to 10] to a 3. But I just thought it was because time had passed. The doctor verified my info and told me to go about my daily routine just like I normally do & call back in half an hour. Well I kinda did what I normally do except for the fact that I was watching the clock for the 30 minute mark waiting for my pain to go away. At the 30 minute mark I called them back and left negative feedback. I really wanted it to work too. At that point, I kinda just threw it out of my mind and filed it away as another let down. About 10 minutes after I put it out of my mind and went about my normal routine (like the doctor had said) my pain was completely gone, the redness went away it was like the burn never happened. So I am here now to withdraw my negative feedback for 100% positive feed back. Thanks."

Sam also left a voice mail to explain further, "I'm a dad, with several kids, one especially is rambunctious, so I was very interested in seeing this work. Was disappointed when there was no change at half hour and left that voice mail, but I had been focusing on it, even though you told me to do my normal activities. After leaving the voice mail, I did do other things, getting ready for work, and within 10 minutes it was all gone.... pain, redness, everything.... Everyone in the family has the number in their phones, and I'm telling people.... You guys are amazing. I appreciate it. Thank you."
Sam F., Kansas, 11/10/10

Stick the number on your cell phone (under “burns”), refrigerator door and in your car, everywhere accessible in an emergency. If you or someone you know is burned call immediately, within the first 30 minutes. Calls take a minute.  Tell All!

Free Instant Burn Recovery - 1-818-332-6445 - fireburndoctor@aol.com

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