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Wednesday, 22 December 2010

Birthday Suprise of Instant Burn Recovery for Richard

Eight-year-old Richard was a lucky kid on his birthday. One of his party guests had the Fireburndoctor number programmed into her phone, so when he was burned by a sparkler falling on his hand, putting him "in hysterics" and leaving red skin, someone called Fireburndoctor within 3 minutes. By the time the Fireburndoctor team called back 7 minutes later for feedback, Richard was already back in the pool with no pain or marks. The report: There was "no sign at all that the hand had been burned."

Richard P., California,  6/5/10

Free Instant Burn Recovery - 1-818-332-6445 - fireburndoctor@aol.com
Call, text or email within the first 30 minutes when anyone is burned. www.fireburndoctor.com


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