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Wednesday, 14 October 2015

Finger burned in oven, pain of 9 at 10 mins. Bending finger, pain near-zero in 15 mins!

Abraham burned his finger on the inside of the oven and called the FireBurnDoctor number about 7 minutes later with a pain level of 9 (on the scale of 0 to 10) He had heard about FBD on the radio and had stored the number in his cell phone. Now he thought, "I'll just give this a try and see how it works."Just 8 minutes after that, when the FBD team called him back, he said his pain level was "now 4-5, maybe less than that, it's decreasing, now it's a 3." At 51 minutes from the time of the burn, Abraham reported that his pain level was "below a 1, not discernable, zero, pretty amazing."

Five days later, Abraham emailed his report: "Greetings:  On or about Thursday, September 29, 2011 at approximately 5:21 PM, I was reaching into the oven and accidentally touched one of the oven racks with my left index finger. I called the Burn Doctor within about 10 minutes and reported the burn. A blister had already formed. I received a call-back within another 5-10 minutes. By that time, the burning pain had already dissipated by 90%. The burn is in the bend of the first joint of my finger so would normally be aggravated by bending my finger right where the blister exists. When asked about the pain level, I was surprised that the pain had already subsided and even bent my finger several times to see if this caused any pain. It did not.... In summary: The pain subsided within minutes of my reporting the burn and was down to a level of near-zero by the time I received the call-back about 15 minutes after my initial report."...
Abraham L, Hawaii

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