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Saturday, 1 January 2011

Linda and her brother: one skeptic, one curious they tried it and glad they did

Linda burned her finger cooking a pie and her brother, Bill, called the FireBurnDoctor 25 minutes later. She was skeptical, he was curious after hearing about FBD on the Jeff Rense radio show. When Bill called, he said Linda's pain level was about a 5 (on a scale of 0 to 10) and agreed to call back with results in about half an hour, which he did. When Bill called 30 minutes later, he was disappointed to report that Linda says she's "still got the same level of pain. No change in the look of the blister or the feel of the blister..." and is still putting ice on it and treating it herself.  But then, Bill called again, 1 hour and 19 minutes from his first call to the FireBurnDoctor, this time to say, "She just told me that the pain is completely gone now... It's 10:07, Friday evening, and she says the pain is gone. Alright, thank you. Bye bye." 

The next morning, Bill called with his final feedback and a question: "Providing, I guess, my last update for my sister... you performed your services on late last night. She woke up today and said that her pain is completely gone still, AND when she puts her burn near any heat or hot water she does not have any residual pain, which she usually does after she burns herself. So she is very impressed, I'm impressed.... Thank you very much."Bill's question:  "If someone didn't want to give all their information, if you are fine with just receiving a picture of the person... a picture is sufficient for all information, not including the time of burn, severity, and all that, but the personal information?"  FBD team answer:  Yes, a picture is sufficient for the personal data, as the website says.... A picture of the PERSON, the face of the person, not just the burn. And it can be ANY picture -- a baby picture or an old picture or a picture just taken with a camera cell phone -- texted or emailed immediately, within the first 30 minutes, to the FBD phone number or email address, with a phone number to call back for feedback. 

Linda W., California, 10/22/10 


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